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BRAND NEW! The Lil’ Draganflyer Mini Quadrotor is a great beginner RTF Helicopter.

Lil' Draganflyer Quadrotor RC Helicopter

The Lil’ Draganflyer Mini Quadrotor is an ideal beginner 4-channel Ready-to-Fly 2.4GHz electric helicopter. Use it indoors or outdoors for unlimited fun. The Lil’ Draganflyer has flight characteristics similar to its bigger brothers, the Draganflyer X4, X4-P, X6, and X8. With three gyros, the Lil’ Draganflyer offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control. The 2.4GHz digital proportional 4-channel remote control ensures strong, glitch-free performance. Because of its small size, the Lil’ Draganflyer is easy to fly indoors, but it is also powerful enough to fly outdoors even with mild winds.

The Lil’ Draganflyer comes 100% assembled and Ready-to-Fly right out of the box with no assembly required.

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